A lot goes into making a wedding day perfect for the bride and groom. Your Wedding Vendors spend many hours making sure every detail is attended to and there is no better way to show your appreciation to them than with a thank you gift. Here are some ideas on how to thank your vendors. 

Tip Your Vendors 

There is no easier way to show your appreciation to your vendors than with a tip. Tips are given to your vendors who have gone above and beyond for your wedding day. Many of the vendors are small business owners and a bit of extra money for their services will help them in many different ways. Tips are easy and much appreciated by your vendors. 

Here is a quick guideline on how to tip: up to 15% for bartenders, 20% of their services for beauty and hair, $100+ for photographers and videographers, $10-$20 for wait staff and $50-$100 for chefs. Wedding planners $100+ , Florists and bakers should be tipped accordingly, as well as the wedding planner. To make tipping easy for you, go to the bank before the day of the wedding and withdraw the amount of money you need to tip your vendors, place the respective money into envelopes and hand the money to the wedding planner who will distribute the tips to the different vendors. 

Write a Review

A review is the best way to show your vendors that you acknowledge the incredible work they did for you. Writing a review for your vendors will help promote their company to future bridal couples. Your review helps others understand your experience with the company and the small details that may not be presented on the website. On the other hand, there is no better advice given to new bridal couples than that of a couple who have already had their wedding. The great thing about writing a review is that it is a very simple and costless method to show your love and support for your vendors. For Pinnacle Weddings, you can write a review on their website, Google, the Knot, or Wedding Wire. A good tip when writing your review is to mention the names of the weddings planners, DJ, or photographers who helped you on your day. It helps future couples know who is doing a great job, as well as gives insight into how the vendor works. 

Tell Your Friends

It is always a kind gesture to give your friends advice when it comes to their wedding day. Why not tell them which vendors you loved, so that their day can be as special as your day. 

A Personalized Gift 

Every wedding vendor cherishes the weddings they have done. A perfect way to show the sentimental value between the bridal couple and the vendor is to give them a personalized gift from the wedding. Your vendors will be able to remember the memories from the day you said “I Do “for many years to come. If you need inspiration, there are great ideas on Etsy, Pinterest, and the Knot.