Growing up, I had always known that I was creative. I had a natural inclination to plan and create events. I started planning weddings when my friends and family asked me to help them plan their special day. Throughout the years, I taught myself everything I needed to know to be successful in the Wedding Industry. I am passionate about weddings, which has rewarded me with a sense of calmness when planning my client’s special day. I love what I do and because of this, I have gained the confidence to be able to quickly resolve problems that may occur. In 2017, my family and I moved to Charleston, SC for a new start in America. I knew I wanted to be a wedding planner in Charleston, because of how big the wedding world is, in and around the city. The Charleston area provides a multitude of beautiful wedding venues, from plantations to beaches, for my clients to choose from. It makes my job very easy when I am surrounded by beautiful scenery. I applied to many wedding companies when I arrived in the States and Pinnacle Weddings gave me the opportunity to be a part of their company. I worked for Pinnacle for two years. In 2019, I bought the company, because I saw the potential it has to expand its mission to our clients, vendors and my own team. Pinnacle is a professional company that provides DJ, Photography, and Planning which helps bring together a wedding easily and efficiently. I want to go beyond making sure that the day of the wedding is pretty, my company’s goal is to really assist the bridal couple in every step of their wedding planning and to know my team is there for them. Over the last few months of owning the company, my team has helped me expand Pinnacle in and around Charleston. Apart from our Charleston weddings, we are currently planning weddings in Hilton Head, Columbia, and Beaufort. Makenna Rose and Christi Porter, two of my team members, have changed the company’s marketing and social media to represent the new and improved Pinnacle. As a result, we have created connection with our various vendors, in which they can trust our professionalism and work ethic. I couldn’t have achieved what I wanted without my wonderful team. They are very important to me, because you can’t do everything on your own. It is the work of the team that does the best job for our clients. Every member has organically become part of the work Pinnacle strives to represent. Each of them want the company to grow, because they are proud of who we are. It is important to me to have a good relationship with my team, because it allows me to understand each of their own unique talents. This gives me the ability to promote their strengths to my client to enhance their experience with us. I want our clients to know that we have been professional, reliable, and friendly. One of my priorities, is to make sure that both myself, my team, and my clients enjoyed working with each other. I am fulfilled everyday by my work, because I love people and making them happy. Weddings are a special way to bring joy to people and that is why I love what I do. Experiencing the happiness of the joining of family and friends on a wedding day holds a special place in my heart. To see the love between two people is a wonderful moment that I am able to cherish for years to come. I feel very lucky, as a wedding planner, to experience what I have in the beautiful Charleston area.

– Linda